• Welcometo a world of scents...

    …where no one is hurrying, where we find time for a warm word and cozy moments, where we remember what’s most important. Our high quality aromatherapy products come with special inscriptions. They are perfect for those who long for meaningful moments and who want to give a unique gift to their loved ones. Would you like to express your feelings in your own words? Think of an inscription and create a one of a kind candle that will truly bring a smile to one’s face. Find time for the most important things—those for which everything else can wait.

  • About AROMA LAB

    The AROMA LAB scent laboratory is located in Lithuanian forest. We love nature, beautiful aesthetics and meaningful work. Our products are handcrafted, one of a kind, and made with the love of man and nature from natural ingredients. We believe that the right scent should rejuvenate you. That’s why we consult with psychotherapists when creating new products. And because we care about nature and the environment, 5% of the price of each product is donated for the protection of wild animals.